Chicken Kabob Plate - Lunch Etobicoke

Lunch Etobicoke? - Try our two spiced chicken shish-kebabs grilled to perfection, served with spiced rice and fresh salad.

Beef Shawarma Sandwhich

Looking for Fast Food in Etobicoke? A fresh pita with spiced, sliced beef and fresh vegetables, topped with our special sauce for a healthy lunch!

Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

Try a healthy lunch Etobicoke - A tasty and healthy lunch alternative to traditional fast food. Grilled not fried, only the freshest ingredients. You owe it to yourself!

Delicious Pita Sandwich

Fast Food Etobicoke - Fresh Pitas Stuffed with your choice of Shaved or Chunks of Chicken, Shaved or Chunks of AAA Beef make the perfect healthy lunch. Make it a Combo to add your choice of two Sides and Drink!

Generous Grilled Meat Plate

Lunch Etobicoke - A plate filled with three kinds of skewered grilled meat; Kebab, Shish Tawouk and AAA Striploin. Served with your choice of two tasty side dishes.

Healthy Lunch Etobicoke
shawarma toronto
shawarma toronto
shawarma toronto
Chicken Shawarma Etobicoke restaurant
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